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Because it’s my birthday and because it really has been too long since I’ve done a print giveaway, I’m sending out a signed 4×6 of my #freethenipple print (tucked away in a cute little card) to 10 random people that comment either here and/or on the corresponding Facebook post. (facebook.com/rtillettphoto) Please comment with BOTH your name and your email address and if you have your own reasons for wanting to free the nipple, I’d love to hear that too! ;) Remember, if you don’t include your name and email, you won’t be counted! And yes, you can comment in both places…double posts, double chances!

I would have posted this directly on Facebook but again, I wasn’t in the mood to deal with the prude police mousing around and on the prowl eager for something asinine to report.

I’ll choose the 10 random winners on Sunday around 10am MST!

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