About Becky


Formally Rebecca. Casually Becky.
(She’ll let you decide what to call her.)

Tillett with two T’s on the end.
Pronounced TIL-it.

Other nicknames she’s had:

Beck, Beckster, buck-buck-buck-Bucky, One Buck, Beeky, Becky Long-Legs, Bexican, Busy B, Grumplestiltskin, Becky Tilt-it, TillettBurns, SexyBexy, and Tyrannosaurus Bex

Beckster, a 50% yankee broad, 50% Aussie sheila (one grandfather was a sugar-cane farmer off the Queensland coast; the other an engineer and scientist for NASA) originally from the borderland of Las Cruces, New Mexico, currently resides in Denver, Colorado with her partner Mike O’Shenanigans and their two kitties, Blue and Jean K. Gray. When she’s not busy capturing photos of beautiful women, remarkable landscapes, vibrant flowers or delicious food, she works as a graphic designer for a non-profit Jesuit university in northwest Denver.

Busy B’s art career probably started in 4th grade when she won first place in a coloring contest in which all students in the class had to color in an illustration of a dog napping in a window bay. 

But perhaps not, because soon after that, she wanted to be an interior designer followed soon by a psychologist, and then a writer.

She was serious about the writer thing though. She still writes as frequently and passionately as someone who just discovered language. If you don’t believe her, just check her blog.

In her spare time, One Buck is renovating the interior of a 20-year-old RV dubbed the Serenica Landship. (Firefly’s Serenity + Battlestar Galactica + Bob’s Burger’s “The Landship”), watching Star Trek The Next Generation, speculating about the end of all civilization and humanity’s reign on earth, and indulging in the beautiful film scores of Max Richter, Hans Zimmer, James Horner, and Bear McCreary.

She’s also learning how to speak Spanish and play the guitar, because apparently her creative interests just weren’t broad enough.

Becky Long-Legs has an A.A.S. in digital graphics and design, as well as a B.A.S. in social sciences from New Mexico State University and Regis University respectively. 

Photographically, she is self-taught.