Mondo Bizzarro Gallery, Solo Exhibition, Rome, Italy, 2010

Mondo Bizzarro Gallery, Solo Exhibition, Rome, Italy, 2010

Tillett insists her photos are anti-artistic; perhaps they are. Her work is fueled by a naked refusal to respect the sacred object. The photographs convey her existential fury, her profound anger toward the body (hers and others), and, at the core, a chilling sense that everything is ultimately disposable.


Gold winner, Collegiate Advertising Awards,
Regis University Alumni magazine


“Dopo Il Grande Splendore,” Solo-Exhibition
Mondo Bizzarro Gallery, Rome Italy [10/13]

Teller Street Gallery, Denver, CO [07/13-10/13]

 “Expressions,” Denver Raw, Group-Exhibition
City Hall, Denver, CO [05/13]

Westword’s Artopia, Art/Culture/Fashion Festival
The Salty Dog, Denver, CO [02/13]

 “One Night Stand,” Group-Exhibition
The Black Door Gallery, Topeka, KS [07/12]

 “Images thru the iPhone,” Group-Exhibition
Invisible Gallery, Columbus OH [04/12]

Westword’s Artopia, Art/Culture/Fashion Festival
Vinyl, Denver, CO [02/11]

 “Shut Up & Keep Talking," Solo-Exhibition,
The Rocket Room, Colorado Springs, CO [10/10-11/10]

Toowoomba City Rollers First Skating and Roller Derby Art Exhibition, 53RUSSELL, Toowoomba, Queensland, Australia [09/10]

Papercuts Collective Triple Zine Launch & Exhibition 
Bleeding Heart Gallery, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia [09/10]

"...I was in bed dreaming about how I was late to work,"
Solo-Exhibition, Mondo Bizzarro Gallery, Rome, Italy [05/10-06/10]

Icetwice Gallery, Olney
Buckinghamshire, United Kingdom [2005-2010]

Dirty Show Detroit, International Erotic Art Exhibition, 
Russell Exhibition Center, Detroit, MI [02/09]

“Feast," Solo-Exhibition
Heebee Jeebees, Colorado Springs, CO [04/08-05/08]

Harvest Erotic Arts Show, Group-Exhibition
The Loft, Atlanta, GA [10/07]

Dirty Show Detroit, International Erotic Art Exhibition, 
Russell Exhibition Center, Detroit, MI [02/07]

Colorado State Fair, Fine Arts Exhibition
Colorado State Fairgrounds, Pueblo, CO [08/06]

"30 Dispettose Ragazzacce dell’Arte" ("30 Spiteful Girls of Contemporary Art"), Group-Exhibition, Galleria d'Arte Moderna e Contemporanea, Bondeno, Ferrara, Italy [03/06-06/06]

Intimacy (Human People), Group-Exhibition
Campbell Works, London [11/05]

Seattle Erotic Arts Festival
Seattle Center Exhibition Hall, Seattle, WA [04/05]

Las Vegas Museum of Sex and Erotic Art [12/04-05/06]

The analogies and contradictions of Tillett’s work and her life are, for this author, at the forefront of consideration. To begin to understand Tillett is to comprehend the picture of her navigating the world as a raw nerve; in harsh lighting; and always reaching for authentic experiences.


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There are shots in which the eros seems to be part of a suspended story, never fully expressed, in which the fiction and the staging does not completely mask the reference to reality, even in its most bleak, while the mischievous game is sometimes surreal.


Dissident Women (an Homage to Fearlessness)
Fluffer Magazine [May 2015]

Sex Swing
Fluffer Magazine [June 2015]

Stranger in a Strange Land
Fluffer Magazine [September 2015]

These pictures tell us how to survive today, in the empire’s heart, with imperfect bodies, imperfect lives and all the rage, the disenchantment, the love and the madness. Knowing that being unique and being already defeated is something priceless.