279//365 / by Rebecca Tillett


I couldn't find your mouth in the darkness
or your waist to put my arms around at midnight
and I can't know what it's like to be a man like you
loving the woman clenching her fists until daylight

Loving the girl grasping for you in the dark
Always at the back of her throat like a taciturn tomb
Braving the dried blood beneath her nails
Braving the endless nothing in the empty room

I couldn't find your palms grasping my cheeks in the dark
or the reflection of my eyes in yours
or the I Love You's underneath all the blankets
or the I Miss You's buried at the bottom of the drawers

And at first morning light, this girl'd stare into your eyes
and linger at that juncture in pleasant awe
and drag her fingers along your lips side to side,
fascinated by what she saw