Urban Exploration on Christmas Eve by Rebecca Tillett

So what is it about urban exploration that's called to me for so much of my life? I think I've always loved the questions that come packaged with each place, the stories concocted by the things left behind. I know that every home I've ever explored was once lived in and loved by somebody. I know that there are beautiful and ugly and tragic and very human stories inside every wall that I've yearned to hear.

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Maeve and Dolores by Rebecca Tillett

Mike and I's Christmas gifts to each other this year were guitars (and lessons!) because we have a 2017 goal (among too many others probably) of learning how to play. We've named them Maeve and Dolores.

So this one's for you, David Bowie, Glenn Frey, Prince, George Michael, and every other talented soul we lost to this shitty year.

2017, you have lot to make up for!

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Grandparents, History, and Passions by Rebecca Tillett

Have I ever told you that my grandmother was a bird and wildlife rehabilitator? That she eventually became known as the "bird lady" in Las Cruces? Have I ever told you that my grandfather joined NASA at the Manned Spacecraft Center in Houston in 1962, then in 1963 transferred to the White Sands Test Facility near Las Cruces, known then as the "Apollo Site?" That he served first as Chief of the Test Operations Branch, then as Chief of the Propulsion Test Office, where he oversaw the development and qualification testing of the rocket propulsion systems used on the Apollo Service Module and Lunar Module, leading to mankind's first steps on the Moon in 1969?

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Prints for Sale by Rebecca Tillett

I’m liquidating my personal print stash in an effort to raise money for the Serenica Landship RV Fund. There are nearly 100 prints in this digital document from series spanning the last 13 years. Some are limited editions, some are special editions, most are print proofs I had printed to check clarity and color. Some are sold as sets, and some sold as individual prints. All are being sold at base/cost prices. Thank you for your love and support, and for helping me to make this dream a reality.

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Sex Swing by Rebecca Tillett

We’re consistently being judged and schooled in the ways of a righteous and moral existence by men who keep mistresses, fuck gay male prostitutes and molest their little sisters, all while voting against laws that would give women, minorities and gays equal rights. It’s one classic case of do as I say, not as I do after another and the obvious and blatant hypocrisy is stomach-churning.

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Beauty in the Age of the Selfie by Rebecca Tillett

Last Summer I was interviewed by Fluffer Magazine for a feature and I learned today that it's finally up! Do keep in mind, that the questions were translated from Italian but the interview is in full english on the Fluffer site. Also, as this is a nude and erotic publication, do keep in mind that the images chosen to accompany this feature are NSFW in most instances (unless you know, you happen to work somewhere that isn't terrified of the nude female form). 

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"The Erotic Photos of Rebecca Tillett" by Rebecca Tillett

The effect of 'alienating' is amplified when these naked women populate the interior of an everyday kitchen or a bathroom, seemingly unsuitable places to take them. There is always an element that creates imbalance in these photos, which pushes the eye to be hung on a detail, provocative, ironic, unsettling, depending on the choice of the artist, or simply preparing the viewer.

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Dopo il Grande Splendore by Rebecca Tillett

"Seemingly fragile creatures, the lost girls of Rebecca Tillett are alone in the middle of the desert of the American imagination. There are no icons, no pin-ups, and they celebrate nothing but the constant repetition of the great existential failures. There was a time in which those boundless lands gave dreams; subsequently those dreams became nightmares. Now, simply, there is nothing more.

Declared on several occasions as one of the purest voices of the new erotic photography, Tillett has maneuvered skillfully in the globalized fall of intelligence. She refused the ride to stardom. Refused Conde-Nast . Refused suitors from swollen portfolios. Her subjects - strictly feminine - celebrate the American lowlife, a flight from the black heart of the Empire that is as fascinating as it is effective. With floating pop and underground references Tillett is in the margins of every important movement over the past twenty years, a Sylvia Plath of photography."

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14,198 Acres, 485 Homes, and Two Lives by Rebecca Tillett

"On the fifth day since it began on June 11, the (Black Forest) fire had consumed 14,198 acres, 485 homes and two lives. The blaze was 65 percent contained Sunday, and authorities were confident all the casualties had been recorded."

This one is dedicated to Colorado...and Colorado Springs in particular for the Hell this place has been through the last 2 years. 

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Only Grace Will Remain by Rebecca Tillett

My selves, my being, my love, my pain
Trudging through madness but desperate to keep sane
Stuck between darkness and everything illuminated
I, the accomplice in these suicides perpetrated
And from the cadaver, wretched self-disdain
and from the cadaver, only grace will remain.

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...On the Way to a Dream by Rebecca Tillett

Truthfully, I'd been looking for a new job for at least a few months beforehand because ultimately I realized I'd become far too comfortable in the position and found myself stewing in all the little negatives that tend to exist within so many companies. So I was very fortunate when a previous coworker (and friend) whom I'd worked alongside for more than 5 years at the Indy offered me a job working with her and the super-sweet owner of the studio. Needless to say I accepted in a heartbeat. (The hardest part of the transition was that I'd be leaving my most favorite boss-and one of my best friends-in the world.)

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oh!pic by Rebecca Tillett

My good friend Britt and I have combined for the perfect side biz! She offers hair and makeup and I, of course, my photography. What you see above is an example of our work. We're completely thrilled and I imagine this will only lead to bigger and better things! So please keep us in mind should you find yourself in the Colorado Springs area and need amazing portraits done.

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Images thru the iPhone by Rebecca Tillett

 was recently invited into an art show this April by Chas Ray Krider at his Gallery - The invisible Gallery in Columbus, Ohio and in addition to us, Steve Diet GoeddeAaron Hawks, and Collin J Rae will be exhibiting as well. All these men are powerhouses in the nude/erotic photography realm. I've looked up to them for years and am so very flattered to be participating in a show with them. The show is called Images thru the iPhone and is only to include pictures that have been either shot or edited (or both!) with an iPhone app.

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Only From the Grave by Rebecca Tillett

Anybody who really knows me knows my growing-up years were a bit tumultuous. My dad was a troubled alcoholic battling some pretty horrific demons. I was a painfully shy only child who morphed into a painfully shy, self-destructive and severely depressed teenager. I remember writing in my journal around the age of 15 that I absolutely would not make it past the age of 19. I'd planned to end it as soon as I found the courage because if what I'd experienced thus far was "life" why bother living much longer? It was all so terribly sad - how unhappy I was growing up and how little desire I had to be happy. In my defense, I think I just didn't know how.

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