Dopo il Grande Splendore by Rebecca Tillett

"Seemingly fragile creatures, the lost girls of Rebecca Tillett are alone in the middle of the desert of the American imagination. There are no icons, no pin-ups, and they celebrate nothing but the constant repetition of the great existential failures. There was a time in which those boundless lands gave dreams; subsequently those dreams became nightmares. Now, simply, there is nothing more.

Declared on several occasions as one of the purest voices of the new erotic photography, Tillett has maneuvered skillfully in the globalized fall of intelligence. She refused the ride to stardom. Refused Conde-Nast . Refused suitors from swollen portfolios. Her subjects - strictly feminine - celebrate the American lowlife, a flight from the black heart of the Empire that is as fascinating as it is effective. With floating pop and underground references Tillett is in the margins of every important movement over the past twenty years, a Sylvia Plath of photography."

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Arti Digitali Duemilaundici by Rebecca Tillett

Last May, I flew to Italy with my husband Adam, my cousin Cassie, and my friend Lindsay to attend the opening of my solo exhibition at the Mondo Bizzarro Gallery in Rome. None of us had ever been and were all thoroughly thrilled at the opportunity. We saw as much as humanly possible in 4 days and I had my camera every step of the way (of course!). I took thousands of photos and then spent much time selecting and post-processing my favorites in the weeks following my return. Now those very same photos will be showcased ( and hopefully sold!) at the ADD Festival in Rome at the Gallery of Contemporary Art next weekend, June 25th.

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