Something by Rebecca Tillett

This morning was the first of the last 4 that I woke up withOUT a throbbing headache. Saturday-Monday morning I woke up around 5am all three days stumbling through the house looking for pain reliever because my head was hurting so bad and I just wanted to go back to sleep. Anymore, I feel like my primary objective in life is simply to avoid the inevitable pain at all costs. That's a basic summary of my life these days...inevitable pain.

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Process Undress by Rebecca Tillett

A friend and commenter on this lovely blog of mine recently asked to see a before and after example of one of my recent refurbished images and I am happily obliging. Time must be changing me because this is something I would have never previously been really comfortable doing. This is most definitely because I consider the image straight out of my camera unfinished work and have always felt the original impression and opinion of the finished image would then be compromised. Quite like seeing a "making-of" special on a good movie. As interesting as I find them I also believe they kind of ruin the magic of the movie itself. I also don't like the prospect of having to defend my raw images to "REAL" pompous photographers who take every opportunity to tell every poor soul who'll listen that their work is "straight out of the camera" and "has not been touched by Photoshop at all" in a simultaneous effort to put themselves on a pedestal and insult those of us who use and enjoy Photoshop like film photographers of the past used and enjoyed darkrooms.

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