Something / by Rebecca Tillett

Too often anymore I feel like I'm not partaking in the little things that make life....worth it. That sounds odd and vague and I wish I could further elaborate but I can't really.

This morning was the first of the last 4 that I woke up withOUT a throbbing headache. Saturday-Monday morning I woke up around 5am all three days stumbling through the house looking for pain reliever because my head was hurting so bad and I just wanted to go back to sleep. Anymore, I feel like my primary objective in life is simply to avoid the inevitable pain at all costs. That's a basic summary of my life these days...inevitable pain.

I think I'm stewing in negativity these days. I'm floundering. I'm aimless. I'm restless. I'm so damn still. I'm hopeless. I'm just looking for something.

I think I'm enjoying shooting these organic images much more than people are enjoying looking at them ("Where the hell are the naked women?!") but I'm reveling in the serenity they bring.

Side note: Thanks to those recent fans of my work who have signed up to my mailing list regarding my EDIT project. I promise it's coming soon and to all those who signed up in the beginning I can't thank you enough for your patience. I'll be sending out an email as the launch nears!