50 Shades of STFU / by Rebecca Tillett

I'm not a prude by any means. You don't have to know me long or well to know that about me. I love fine art nudity, sloppy and amateur porn, the many crazy kinks and fetishes that abound, sex, sex, and more sex. I love exercised dominance on both sides of the gender field and so long as animals or children aren't involved, I can appreciate any and all preferences, no matter how strange, in the bedroom. I especially love that women are beginning to feel less ashamed and more empowered in this realm and that we're slowly moving into a world where it's just as acceptable for a woman to embrace her sexuality as men have been doing without consequence for eons.

So why can't we just let that be? I've never read Fifty Shades of Grey, never felt inclined and I don't have a single opinion on it. I don't care if it's poorly written and I don't care if the subject matter is considered distasteful to some. Who cares? If it's not your thing, withhold judgement and save the energy you've reserved for hating on others' preferences. Devote it to your own loves and passions instead. (Women, I'm looking at you specifically. Don't raise yourself up in misguided righteousness by putting other women down.) You'll be a happier person for it. And so will I because I swear, if I see any more online arguments on the topic I just might have to shoot my own face off. :)