92//365 / by Rebecca Tillett


(92//365) I just learned from Adam that our kitty Frodo has passed away. He was only a little over 12 years old. It looks like the cause was suffocation due to choking sometime in the night.

We adopted Frodo in the Spring of 2002 from the Doña Ana Humane Society, where I was working at the time. He was the first and only kitten to be picked up by animal control for the season and he was alone, scared, sitting in a ball at the back of the cage and extremely timid. I still remember calling Adam and convincing him that we absolutely needed a kitty and Adam reluctant but eventually agreeing.

Baggins, as we more often called him, was the coolest cat. He was friendly and sociable. He fetched and we always joked that his meow sounded like Bea Arthur. He had more personality than any other cat I've known. Over the years he and Adam developed a strong bond (I had adopted Blue a few months after Frodo so he'd have a friend but each kitty seemed to gravitate more toward each of us instead of each other) so much so that Frodo started sensing when Adam was planning a trip out of town and developed some sort of separation anxiety. The two became inseparable.

I have so many funny and heartwarming stories about this cat. He made all 5 apartments and houses he shared with us over the last 12 years a home and I'm completely devastated by this news.

Please send your love, positive vibes and condolences to Adam. He can't seem to catch a break these days.