Big Fish / by Rebecca Tillett

Big fish in little pond will soon be swimming at sea
I was a human collage, with your name all over my arms.
It took you years to realize they were talking about me
But it was just play pretend, never did any harm

You said I’m incapable of growing; smile
You were never good at coping with change
Or really a single thing that alters your lifestyle
I always did find it somewhat strange

Remember being upside down, hair everywhere
I used to see into your beautiful big blue eyes
I used to see into and through your unwavering warfare,
Your mass, your fleshy being, your humorous goodbyes.

You were empty and you kept poking me with holes
To be like you, you said as you collected needles and shards of glass.
I lost liters of blood and tissue, but you never touched my soul
You were cold, hard, unforgiving, and crass.

I lied when I confessed that I loved you
to myself because I truly believed I did
and maybe I still would but you withdrew
you joked, you proud and false, acted like a kid.