The Body Electric / by Rebecca Tillett

We made love last night, not on my part because from a compulsive need to do it, but because we sort of drifted into it. In fact, to begin with I wasn’t even sure if I wanted to. But once we’d begun, I was very glad because I was in one of those marvelously physical states where all my sensations were velvet. Anywhere I was touched and any touch I put out to him felt floating and exquisite. Each bit of my flesh was full of tiny air bubbles, all receiving stroking delight. I didn’t orgasm in the end, because it would have taken too long. I could have stayed stroked and touched all night. It was marvelous. Discovered in the morning why I’d felt so sensual. My period began, two days early. If someone could market whatever it is that floats through my body the night before a period, they’d definitely be the world’s greatest millionaire.
— Anne Hooper

("In The Body Electric: A Unique Account of Sex Therapy for Women (1980), Anne Hooper reveals how she encouraged women to analyze the processes and variations of their sexual lives. One of her recommendations was that they keep a menstrual diary. This is an extract from her own diary.")