Flesh / by Rebecca Tillett

Flesh, beating heart, vacant stare
Flesh, scarred flesh, tear, rip, tear
Slipping, slipping but not looking down
Because I know you’re not there

Metal, shiny metal, sharp and sweet
Sweet, sorry you, didn’t want to compete
And I, regrettably regret
Delete delete, delete

Flesh, pulsing veins, sunken cheeks
You were so strong, I’m weak
Slipping, slipping into gaping mouths
But sshhh, nobody speaks

Glass, shiny glass, raggedly broke
Shattered dreams, lost hope, heart broke
And overcome in sour stench
Gasp, inhale, choke, choke, choke

Flesh, burning flesh, enemy is mine
Just yearning for some sunshine
You; watching hurt run amok
I; simply searching for a spine

Alone, don’t want to be so alone
And you, you, You got backbone
Still, so still while I rip it from you
Cry, scream, but how could I have known

Flesh, flesh, I need mine and yours
Dying, fighting, birthing so many wars
Heavy heart, empty shells, don’t need love
Content; happy being one of your whores

You’re the reasons; you’re everything. Right
Pain, sadness, death. Delight
You’re my reason; live, live. Life.
Right now, right this minute –

Everything’s alright.