For the Earth Beneath / by Rebecca Tillett

When I fell in love with you
I prepared for battle
I held my heart between my teeth
Until it was tough and impenetrable
Like a wanting calloused fortress
Yours to lay siege to

yours, yours, yours

When I fell in love with you
I went to war
Cloaked in leaves and clay
Watching you from behind the trees
Ravenous for the earth beneath your feet
To be the branches in your hair

ravenous, ravenous, ravenous

When I fell in love with you
I ached for mutiny
To conquer you, your spring in the lull of winter,
Your undulating exterior and galaxy mosaic
Dancing across your face
I wanted for revolution

wanted, wanted, wanted

When I fell in love with you
I surrendered
To the vessel containing you
Bounding beneath a butchered landscape
Above the streams of slaughtered hearts
I conceded to longing and gasping

for you, for you, for you

Immeasurable gratitude to the luminous Chelseigh Rose for gracing my camera lens with her unwavering and captivating beauty and femininity last month, especially outside in the snow in freezing temperatures and half naked. The lengths my models will go to in the spirit of creating something beautiful and lasting with me never fails to bring me to my knees. Thank you, my dear.