Maybe Monday / by Rebecca Tillett

suppose we’re not moving at all
nothing’s changed since nightfall
It’s fun when it’s rarely done
and from here you seem so small

Infamous and child star
Destined for a memoir
(passenger on going so far)

And everybody saw this coming
and everybody heard you humming
I could never not love you
You alone, you were stunning

Infamous screaming baby
Oh, tomorrow. Today maybe.

and back when he was alive
and your moment to arrive
Tearing womb piece by piece
;determined to survive

Infamous and while dreaming
freaked out, crying, screaming

Notorious in single cells
never great at nice farewells
“smile, big doll, smile.”
Leader in packs of bombshells

Infamous in post-upright
and dignity, a birthright

suppose we’re in decay
no last hurrah, today
We shouldn’t push our luck
oh, tomorrow. Maybe Sunday.

Maybe Monday.
Maybe Monday.