The Return of Ms. Amanda by Rebecca Tillett

Amanda and I met on the very first day of middle school. We were only 11 years old, both only children without any real friends at this new school and we happened to have the exact same class schedule. Since then we've been best friends, we've fought, we've been there for each other through extremely hard times, we've lost touch, we've reconnected and ultimately I've always loved her very much despite the infrequent turbulence. That's life after all. Most of my best memories growing up are with her and I'd be lying if I said I'd never repeat my teenage years if I was ever given the chance. Sneaking out of the house, wandering the streets on a warm desert summer night, laughing the entire time - just to acquire a Jones Soda. If only I'd grasped how incredible and fleeting that time was back then.

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