Craft Day by Rebecca Tillett

Today my good friend Britt came over for what I've dubbed "Craft Day." We've been experimenting with wood as a canvas and using spray paint, cut-outs, and stencils. Today was our second go at it. We were somewhat successful at our first go-round a few weeks ago but today was a dismal failure. I think all we ended up accomplishing was ruining a few pieces of perfectly good wood. However, I think we'll get better with time but I have more faith in Britt than myself. Contrary to what I would assume is popular belief, I absolutely and completely suck at the whole crafty thing. My hand-eye coordination completely fail me when it comes to things like exacto knives and glue and producing an aesthetically pleasing product. I might as well face it, although I'm drawn to all things past and vintage, I am and will forever be grateful for my computer and the digital world is where I'm really and truly at home.

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