The Great Pacific Northwest / by Rebecca Tillett


Last month my husband and I took what I'm now dubbing the "Great Pacific Northwest Roadtrip" and had an amazing time. I've been trying to eloquently construct this blog post in my head since my return but there are really no words for the way this part of the country made me feel. There's something mysterious and magnificent about the forests up there and I had a feeling of bittersweet sadness but a strong yearning despite it that I couldn't shake. The ocean was beautiful, of course, but it always leaves me feeling a little cold and extremely lonely and I've never craved to be near it as so many others do. The desert is my home and where I'm most comfortable; warm wide open spaces and a clear 360 degree view of the landscape and the horizon and so I confess that being shrouded by so many gargantuan trees left me a little claustrophobic but the entire time it was something I was absolutely certain I could shake or learn to live with it if the opportunity to live up there ever presented itself. I could even become friendly with the ocean. My mom grew up with the ocean and she's always longed to return. Sometimes I think some of those feelings should be hereditary..simply because the desire and passion for these beautiful pieces of our home, planet earth, are so strong and ingrained within us. I wish there was a way to correctly translate to words what I saw and felt in this short 10 days but I can't. All I can say is "GO."