The Guesthouse / by Rebecca Tillett

Earlier this month, I had a shoot in probably one of the greatest locations I've ever been fortunate to find. It was actually a guesthouse belonging to a friend of an old coworker of mine and he was so sweet to let me use it for a couple hours. This guesthouse seriously hasn't been renovated or really lived in since the 70's probably. And for someone like me, that was like finding a treasure chest. I couldn't have been more thrilled.

My friend Edie, whom I've shot a few times before, happily agreed to model for me again and we had such a blast. I shot over 1400 images. It rarely happens that I shoot so many in one location. Edie had never really modeled prior to the first time we shot together and she seriously just gets better and better. Every great once in a while, my camera and I collide with a model whose confidence and fearlessness know no apparent bounds, someone who isn’t afraid to look silly or stupid or even ridiculous on the gamble that we’ll create a great shot. I‘ve had the pleasure of photographing several amazing women with these bold qualities -and the added fortune of calling them my friends in most cases- in the last 12 years I’ve pursued this passion of mine. And Edie is one of them.