"Time" for pictures / by Rebecca Tillett

Every now and then I go on these creative benders when something as simple as a kitchen utensil can inspire me and I tend to embrace them because I also go through periodic artistic dry-spells in which I create absolutely nothing for months and can't even be bothered to look at a photograph let alone create one. So I may start losing sleep because I'm staying up until 2am working on a new series and then getting up at 7am for work, I'm producing so many photos it's typical that I produce some mediocre ones, and my husband and I become VIPs at Chipotle and Chik-fil-a because I only have time for art but all of that's fine with me because I realize it's only a matter of time before this drive, this incredible inspiration completely fades leaving me to wonder if it'll ever return.

It's also during this time that I'm most often my own model because finding someone willing to drop what they're doing to stop by my house at midnight on a Thursday so they can model for me because "I have an idea!" is damn near impossible. It's truly an act of desperation because I'm convinced I'm the least photogenic person on this planet (that or I'm so much more unattractive than I generally assume) which I swear is a cruel joke. I was given a camera, an ability, an ambition, and a willing fearlessness (even though I can be incredibly shy in real life) to put myself in front of my camera lens but a completely unphotogenic or undesirable appearance (in my humble opinion.) BUT, my hang-ups and actual issues could always be so much worse so I try my hardest not to dwell on this and instead, just learn my good angles and tricks for hiding certain areas I'm not so proud of.

The camera in the shot is a genuine Brownie Hawkeye that has been converted into a clock. It's quite beautiful.