Be the man / by Rebecca Tillett

Be with a man that changes your assumptions about fate,
about destiny and probability.
Be with a man who gives you faith, or takes it,
So long as he affects it.
Be with a man who slowly instills a fear of death in you,
who makes you wanna stay,
who gives you something to lose.
Be with a man going your way, and at the same pace.
Be with a man you can lay with in bed, laughing in the dark
while you write silly, stupid, wonderful, barfy, cheesy, lovey things
about each other for the weird world of the smartphone-enabled
masses and wonder what we were doing before we were doing this.

But above all, be with a man who'll go to guitar class with you every Sunday, and be a natural, and play you melodies to songs whose names you forgot but can still make you weep, and who makes you fucking swoon and giggle like a dumb giddy little girl.