Beastly Child (book project/no. 1) / by Rebecca Tillett

Beastly child, you’re less adored
small, deformed, homely, abhorred
Teeth like a broken window pane
It’s ok, child, you need not explain
It’s fine child, don’t mind a great deal
You’ll never have much appeal
Your ears are big, your bones are brittle
Your gangling toes are far too little
Learn to love your imperfections
After all, it’s just perception
You’ll never be a beauty queen,
prince charming or something in between
You’ll never be a shimmering jewel
It’s a shame child, life can be so cruel
Oh, but child wipe away your tears
Not everything is as it appears
You’re not horrid, spoiled, or awfully hateful
It’s ok, child, you should be grateful!