Exorcise the Demons by Rebecca Tillett

Recently. a good friend of mine confessed to me that she was swimming in negative and unproductive thoughts. As is true with all of us, these moments in time can come and go, but when they come, they can sometimes linger, creating an unforgiving and deceptive barrier between ourselves and the world, almost even distorting our perceptions of the world, and our place within it.

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Lola Roja by Rebecca Tillett

She pranced and she skipped and she romped through the woods
On toward gramma's house as quick as she could
When out of the shadows a wolf did appear
But our dulce mijita sensed danger was near
She cried "Come mierda y muerte, cabrón!"
And smashed him over the head with a rather large stone
Killed that wolf dead, right where he stood
Then onward she strolled, our Lola Red Riding Hood

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Meet April by Rebecca Tillett

I recently acquired a new tattoo, a cover-up of my very first tattoo I got at the age of 18 which was a crappy little fairy. My friend and tattoo artist Shanna inked it on me and my cousin Cassie drew this one up for me. Isn't she adorable? I think I've decided to name her April. To see more of Cassie's outstanding illustrations, visit her website: and to see some examples of Shanna's work visit the Pens and Needles Facebook page.

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The Words (book project/no. 2) by Rebecca Tillett

The words, the words trickled up from my throat
chitchaty insects careful not to misquote
declaring out loud what I’d previously wrote
The words, the words trickled up from my throat

The words, the words escaped from my mouth
dripping with moisture after the drought
like a companionless intentional crane flying south
The words, the words escaped from my mouth

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