Brand New Untitled / by Rebecca Tillett


Since my return from Australia I seem to be experiencing a shooting-dry-spell. Either I'm not inspired or I can't find a decent location or I'm being unnecessarily blown off by rude potential models. Lately, it's been the latter two which are the most frustrating mostly because they're the things I can least control. This is when my good friends come to the rescue. I've recently hired one as my assistant who has been unyielding in her suggestions, ideas, and overall helpfulness and the one in this photo is another who never fails to make herself available when I need a beautiful nude body to view through my viewfinder. It's a wonderful thing, having great friends you know you can count on.

I shot this image this evening in my backyard. It's funny because I had every intention of making this a color series but once I started working with b&w tones, I knew color was no longer an option - as least not for this specific shot. I've found it exceedingly gratifying in the last year or two working more with b&w than I ever have in the past. Typically, I'm known for the colors I create in my photos but I hope the tones in my black and white images can be appreciated as well. I certainly try to give them as much depth if not more.

Oh, and I have no name for this series yet, so if you have any suggestions, feel free to send them my way!