Permanently Closed / by Rebecca Tillett


I made a quick trip down to my hometown in New Mexico this weekend and shot my youngest cousin Rachel while I was there. She's a swimmer and goes to school at UNLV but was home visiting friends and family while she could this summer. She's always willing to pose for me and while I'm sure she has no serious modeling aspirations, she definitely has some amazing natural ability. She must get it from her sister who's been modeling for me for years.

We spent most of the afternoon selecting some wardrobe options so we got quite a late start but this was the first location we chose to attempt. Located in an industrial area in southwest Las Cruces, these giant tanks (I assume were used for gasoline of some sort) were abandoned behind a locked gate that Rachel managed to pry open just enough to slip us both through. Initially, we climbed the stairs to the very top of these tanks but the photos I was getting just weren't working so Rachel skipped back down to ground level and proceeded to blow me away with some incredible poses while I shot her from the fourth or fifth step.

I absolutely love how the tanks consume the entire shot but how those are the last things you notice in these photos. I'm also proud of myself for climbing those stairs in the first place considering my recent fear of heights. I have no intentions of allowing new phobias ruin the possibility of gorgeous photos.