Craven Art / by Rebecca Tillett

That inner voice has both gentleness and clarity. So to get to authenticity, you really keep going down to the bone, to the honesty, and the inevitability of something.
— Meredith Monk

On Saturday I shot a wonderful Denver-based artist who hired me to take some portraits of her in her studio. Angela Craven is a beautiful, funny, and interesting abstract painter in her free time and a software designer m-f to pay the bills. And I am exceedingly jealous of her studio space. A big open sunroom that's gorgeous, bright and open. I've never been hired for a shoot of this kind so I was really excited to do it and I'm thrilled with the results.

To learn more about Ms. Craven, check out her website or Facebook page. And to show your support for her work, buy a ticket to DenverRAW in her name. It's only $15 and goes toward her booth fee!