God Love You / by Rebecca Tillett

God love you and love the piercing
Ache to belong to you, your past,
Your sins, your loves in contrast
To miss you, to need you, to want you
To consume you where you stand
Your inamorata in a vast wasteland
Every last drop of boundless brine
God is giving me a sign
To invite you to plunge inside me
To engulf you, envelop your desires
To succumb to your every whim
God love the piercing ache to belong to you,
With you, to feel you in my bones,
Until you're seeping through my pores I'm yours.
God love the you that fills the space
The pockets of bleak inhabiting me
The way I melt when I see your face
To glances toward you longingly
God love you and the stabbing ache
To belong to you, to be everything you Need.
To yearn for you, to dream of you,
To bleed, proceed, to plead.