Party Pooper / by Rebecca Tillett

I've been re-visiting many old series' these days for the purpose of re-editing. It's really pretty fun and in the end I almost feel like I have brand new images. Sometimes, it's impossible for me to be satisfied with much of my older work. It's bland, boring and has been seen a thousand times. I really need to learn to appreciate and respect my past, I think. Anyway, this is, of course, Jessalyn, who seems to be thriving in Australia, by the way. She has a blog documenting her "secondment" over there which can be both interesting and amusing at times.

This photo is from the very first shoot we had together back in 2007. It was taken in the bathroom of a co-worker's house which was empty and for sale at the time. Not too long after this, the co-worker's parents showed up and were seething thinking I was friends with a women who was trying to purchase the place and had let me in to use the house as a set before the place was even officially hers. For a brief minute, I thought her parents would start beating me. Anyway, as soon as they learned I was friends with their daughter (the actual owner of the place) and the misunderstanding was resolved, their demeanor changed immediately. Disaster averted!