Run and Tell That / by Rebecca Tillett

I spent the day with Jessalyn, quite a fabulous (but semi-retired) model and one of my dear friends. I have the kind of relationship with her that I yearn and hope for with every model I photograph. To clarify: most of my "models" are originally friends simply because I shoot much better photos with people I'm close to and am comfortable with so I tend to reach out to them first when I need a subject (even if they've never modeled or are inexperienced). On a more infrequent basis, my models began as models and became friends and this is the case with Jessie.

She's moving from Denver to Brisbane due to an approved one-year work transfer and is leaving next week. I'll miss her terribly but am so very excited for her many upcoming adventures. I find myself vicariously living through her because she tends to harbor so many traits that I've always so comfortably shied away from. She's definitely one of the most independent people that I currently and have ever known.

Anyway, she was able to drive down and spend the day with me today and aside from having fun and getting delicious dinner, we shot a lot of silly pictures and a lot of awesome ones. This is obviously one of the silly ones. Someone like Jessie who can be the most beautiful girl in the room and then 5 minutes later be the biggest dork in the room and laugh so sincerely at herself will always have a shot at a spot in my heart.

Good thing I'm visiting Australia in May. I'm not sure I could last a whole year without her!