Photo Cliché or Nay / by Rebecca Tillett

There are some clichés that I've always made a conscious effort to stay away from. A pretty scantily-clad girl in an old car has never been one of them.

This past Saturday I shot my friend Brandice. It was only her second time modeling (her first time was for me as well) and her ease in front of the camera this time compared to last was just jaw-dropping. Originally we had no plan for this shoot...well, aside from renting an old motel room which was quickly scratched after being warned by a multitude of co-workers of the likely potential for bed-bugs. So we set out for the wide-open fields of Falcon, a place I've shot several times in the past but discovered this old car on the way, instead. I owe the ultimate decision to cross private-property lines to my good friend Kristin who has acted as my "assistant" on several of my past shoots. After volunteering to knock on their front door and ask if we could use the old car on their property and getting no answer she then volunteered to be the look-out and proclaimer of the words "Let's get the fuck outta here!" should a property owner or mean dog (as the sign on their front gate warned us of) begun approaching us.

This is the first and only image to be finalized at this point and I have no ideas for the name of this series so feel quite free to volunteer them!