The Fancy New / by Rebecca Tillett

If you're a follower of my work and have been for some time, you're probably familiar with many of my past site designs (all created by me). I owe this amazing new website to my friend Amanda Hawkins of Little Bird or perhaps better known as Ahhh Design. It's so fresh and new and fantastic I've been doing cartwheels since the moment I saw it.

This new site, not at all similar to any of my previous ones, has a blog for news, photos, writing, or really any single thing I could ever want it for in addition to a random mix of my Flickr uploads, my latest Tumblr posts, links to all other social media I engage in, a thorough about me section, my credits, some favorite links, and of course a link to my official portfolio. You might be asking what all this means and why you'd need to know. Well, it means this site will always be changing, updated, and evolving and you need to know because it's important for me to emphasize how absolutely recommended it is that you return as often as possible! It's all of this that makes this website so different than any of my past ones and why I love it so much more.

So please have a look around, make yourself at home and comment with any feedback you might have. I'd love to hear from all of you!

Oh, and if you or someone you know is looking for an incredible web designer, send them to Little Bird!