Amanda Hawkins

Recent Snaps by Rebecca Tillett

I wanted to share a couple of my favorite photos from some recent shoots. The first is my good friend Kathy's daughter who needed some senior portraits. Maddie and I had such a good time on this shoot. All she knew was she didn't want "anything typical" in the world of senior portraits and all I knew was her and I were in complete agreement on that desire. The second is Pepper Greene, one-third of the Hawkins/Greene family, whom graciously allowed me to stay with them in Phoenix last week.

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Pepper and Family by Rebecca Tillett

All too often I see babies being born to people who have no business raising children. Unfortunately, I think the majority of my generation (and all those younger) come from unstable and/or broken homes. It was sometime during my growing-up years that "dysfunctional" finally surpassed "functional" as the family norm. Now that the products of those rocky situations are producing their own offspring, the dysfunctional family trend is showing no signs of slowing down which, to me, is altogether heartbreaking.

The Hawkins family is the rare exception to this rule. 

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The Fancy New by Rebecca Tillett

If you're a follower of my work and have been for some time, you're probably familiar with many of my past site designs (all created by me). I owe this amazing new website to my friend Amanda Hawkins of Little Bird or perhaps better known as Ahhh Design. It's so fresh and new and fantastic I've been doing cartwheels since the moment I saw it.

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