family portraits

The Oxoteguys by Rebecca Tillett

“Human lives are not pieces of string that can be separated out from a knot of others and laid out straight. Familes are webs. Impossible to touch one part of it without setting the rest vibrating. Impossible to understand one part without having a sense of the whole.” ―Diane Setterfield

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Recent Snaps by Rebecca Tillett

I wanted to share a couple of my favorite photos from some recent shoots. The first is my good friend Kathy's daughter who needed some senior portraits. Maddie and I had such a good time on this shoot. All she knew was she didn't want "anything typical" in the world of senior portraits and all I knew was her and I were in complete agreement on that desire. The second is Pepper Greene, one-third of the Hawkins/Greene family, whom graciously allowed me to stay with them in Phoenix last week.

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