Recent Snaps / by Rebecca Tillett

My journey of self-discovery was interrupted by some minor emergencies back in Colorado so on Thursday I trekked back up north. My husband was battling a mystery illness and due to the recent heavy rains here, our basement flooded. With him feeling much better and all the water removed from our, now-ruined, basement I'm contemplating heading back out this week and finishing the trip I started 2 weeks ago.

Before I do that, though, I wanted to share a couple of my favorite photos from some recent shoots. The first is my good friend Kathy's daughter who needed some senior portraits. Maddie and I had such a good time on this shoot. All she knew was she didn't want "anything typical" in the world of senior portraits and all I knew was her and I were in complete agreement on that desire. The second is Pepper Greene, one-third of the Hawkins/Greene family, whom graciously allowed me to stay with them in Phoenix last week. Amanda Hawkins is responsible for this beautiful website you're currently looking at. She keeps up and running and looking pretty and I snap adorable photos of her family. It's a trade-based relationship I truly love and I hope continues throughout the coming years. To follow Amanda's life and crafty side projects, check out her website: