I Said Hearken / by Rebecca Tillett

Your cousin, Becky Tillett, is also completely intriguing. I can’t help but think that you two spur each other on? She has some drawings on her site that are completely there, and I’m thinking you might help her with that and she might be your best critic, or something? Whatever the mix you have, it’s working magic... Becky clearly has a highly-refined eye for image and concept... her color sense is sublime, and her sense of style is also unique, honest and striking. The honesty is what captured me... there’s a blunt and courageous honesty that you both share, and that’s captivating. I can only think you two are the best for each other! Such an incredible family. (yes, I waded through the historic shots on her flickr account - really some extraordinary people you hearken from!). And yeah, that’s right. I said hearken. But it was in parenthesis, so it’s more like thought. It’s not like I would say hearken in daily conversation. But in electronic pseudo-conversation, it’s fine. I hope.
— John Foerster