Team Dunnero by Rebecca Tillett

In the years it takes to double our lifetimes from the onset of our days as silly teenagers, I'll watch you profess your love and devotion to a lucky gentleman with a handlebar mustache on the banks of the Rio Grande, ablaze and glowing with the heat of the Fall desert sun. Your beautiful and brilliantly white dress, shimmering and dancing with each affectionate word you utter in the direction of impending and hopeful days, your relentless tears waging cyclonic wars behind the barriers of your reinforced but dampened eyes. Every word, a promise, every syllable a solemn prayer.

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Every Good with Equal Force by Rebecca Tillett

"You know what I am going to say. I love you. What other men may mean when they use that expression, I cannot tell; what I mean is, that I am under the influence of some tremendous attraction which I have resisted in vain, and which overmasters me. You could draw me to fire, you could draw me to water, you could draw me to the gallows, you could draw me to any death, you could draw me to anything I have most avoided, you could draw me to any exposure and disgrace. This and the confusion of my thoughts, so that I am fit for nothing, is what I mean by your being the ruin of me. But if you would return a favourable answer to my offer of myself in marriage, you could draw me to any good--every good--with equal force." —Charles Dickens

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Mr. and Mrs. by Rebecca Tillett

Yesterday, I had the privilege of shooting my good friends, Biff and Brice's, beautiful wedding at the Fine Arts Center here in Colorado Springs. The day began for me with shooting photos of all the girls getting ready at their aunt's salon and this is one of my favorite images from that time. It couldn't have been more perfect; mimosas, finger foods and an entire salon closed to regular customers for the day so the girls had all the space and supplies needed to become even more beautiful than they already are. I always have such a fun and memorable time hanging out with this family. They never fail to make me feel like I'm part of it and I'm forever grateful to them for that.

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