Eastern State Penitentiary by Rebecca Tillett

"Looking down these dreary passages, the dull repose and quiet that prevails, is awful. Occasionally, there is a drowsy sound from some lone weaver’s shuttle, or shoemaker’s last, but it is stifled by the thick walls and heavy dungeon-door, and only serves to make the general stillness more profound. Over the head and face of every prisoner who comes into this melancholy house, a black hood is drawn; and in this dark shroud, an emblem of the curtain dropped between him and the living world."

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Post-Civilization by Rebecca Tillett

“It's in the morning, for most of us. It's that time, those few seconds when we're coming out of sleep but we're not really awake yet. For those few seconds we're something more primitive than what we are about to become. We have just slept the sleep of our most distant ancestors, and something of them and their world still clings to us. For those few moments we are unformed, uncivilized. We are not the people we know as ourselves, but creatures more in tune with a tree than a keyboard. We are untitled, unnamed, natural, suspended between was and will be, the tadpole before the frog, the worm before the butterfly. We are for a few brief moments, anything and everything we could be. And then...and then -- ah -- we open our eyes and the day is before us and ... we become ourselves.”—Jerry Spinelli

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Broken Home by Rebecca Tillett

I love urban exploration; exploring abandoned man-made locations. A week or two ago, my friend Jessalyn and I had made a plan to explore and shoot in some abandoned homes out in the middle of nowhere north of Denver but I hadn't known yet what exactly I was going to do there. I really opt out of doing much straight fashion photography anymore because I quite simply don't get much satisfaction out of it. It's boring. A few minutes of brainstorming and this idea occurred to me; falling down, broken home with a broken person inside.

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