Broken Home / by Rebecca Tillett

I love urban exploration; exploring abandoned man-made locations. A week or two ago, my friend Jessalyn and I had made a plan to explore and shoot in some abandoned homes out in the middle of nowhere north of Denver but I hadn't known yet what exactly I was going to do there. I really opt out of doing much straight fashion photography anymore because I quite simply don't get much satisfaction out of it. It's boring. A few minutes of brainstorming and this idea occurred to me; falling down, broken home with a broken person inside. I love the mystery of abandoned homes - especially the ones with furniture and things inside. What happened here? Why did the owners have to leave? Why did they leave so much stuff behind? Or is all of this remnants of dumping by other people who are too lazy to take their junk to a garbage dump? These are questions I ask myself incessantly as I walk around these places...wishing so much that walls COULD talk. Anyway, my Broken Home series is a picture of what the owner might look like if they were still there and had knowingly let the house crumble in front of them. They, too, might be falling apart...trying to pick up the pieces, trying to stay together and whole, just as the house is struggling to do.