Hallway Broad / by Rebecca Tillett

Sometimes I sneak-a-peak through cracked doors;
sneaking out of bed and tip-toeing through the thick green forest of carpet.
Like watching a crime scene I stare so hard I put holes through bone.
Her jet black hair and hazel eyes leave me hypnotized with lust, with envy, with hunger.

She leaves her hole for the apt. hallway for a few quick cigarette drags,
bringing with her, her spice for life and infectious laughter.
And all the men love the little peep show on their way home from the 9 to 5,
enjoying every last bit of skin before returning to their wives;
to their mundane fight for existence.

Mama said she's a sassy whore attempting to conceal insecurities but I know different.
Because every now and then she shoots me a glance and I can see it in her eyes.