Brandon, Kristin, and Adalynn / by Rebecca Tillett

Little girls are truly magical, aren't they? Well, that's my opinion since I don't personally have one and thus get to run away laughing maniacally into the sunset when the impressive temper tantrums and glistening little girl tears start flooding the streets of Denver. Seriously though, this particular little girl, Adalynn Perry, is adorable beyond words, even when such frightening things are happening around a childless person like myself (which is rather rare to never with little AP here). I would be a terrible mother, I think, as I would be so preoccupied with the fluctuating levels of adorableness that I wouldn't be giving the appropriate amount of fucks to why my child might be upset. "What could you possibly be so upset about?!" I'd question enthusiastically. "You're so damn cute!" Anyway, I digress. As I've mentioned here before, child and family shoots are not typically my area of expertise if that wasn't already screamingly obvious (they require much more patience than my normal naked lady shoots, you see) but my closest friends apparently know how to sway me into doing it. And though quite challenging, I'm always pleasantly surprised by the results. Below are some of my favorites from our shoot last weekend.