1996 Raven XL

USS Serenica Landship Housecar NCC 1796-37: The Afters by Rebecca Tillett

I probably don't need to say here that I absolutely could not have predicted that it would have been 14 more months before we were ready to post the After shots, but I'm going to say it anyway: I had no idea how long this beast would actually take us to complete.

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SERENICA: The Befores by Rebecca Tillett

In October of last year Mike and I began shopping around for used RVs and sometime around Halloween weekend we found one. She's a 37 ft. long 1996 Raven XL and belonged to the Hendersons (no sign of Harry!), a sweet older couple in Falcon, CO who were only the second owners and took such good care of her while they had her. She has less than 50,000 miles and we got her for $12,500, a total steal. We dubbed her the Serenica Landship, found a storage facility to store her for the winter, bought a gigantic winter cover, and sealed her up eager for fall and winter to pass quickly. Fortunately, they did.

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