Eternities Exist Between Dawn and Dusk / by Rebecca Tillett

This sweet babe is 5 months old today. Time passes so quickly, I’m always left with the tragic relentless feeling that I’m not fully appreciating or as present for every precious moment as I should be. For her, the days are still long enduring intervals in which eternities exist between dawn and dusk. For me, it feels as if every morning I have awoken from a long coma and she seems so much older than the baby I put to sleep the night before. It’s one of the hardest parts of motherhood for me.

Sleep training is another. Trying to transition her from her boppy on the couch to her crib for daytime naps has been brutal. (Even with grandma’s help!) For now, her nights are still largely spent in her bassinet in our bedroom and then in our bed for a couple early morning hours, and I’m okay with that. Waking up next to her as she wakes stretching and yawning and smiling to a brand new day has become one of my favorite things in the world, and a moment in time I am trying to savor as completely as possible before it slides quietly into the past.

p.s. We toured a wonderful little daycare just down the street from our neighborhood on Friday. For now, she’s staying home with grandma but starting June 2020 she’ll go spend her days with other littles, worshipping the sun.

p.p.s. Daylight Savings Time is the WORST. Why do we still partake in this absurdity?